Web Design Agency
Novo builds websites as part of a wider online marketing strategy that is fully result-oriented. The websites are customized to your needs and enhanced with the best design; helping you reach your goals and be reached by your clients, and optimized to improve your sales workflow and increase your revenues.

Based on brand positioning strategy and established goals, the websites created by Novo are always:

  • SEO optimized
  • tailored to your image
  • responsive
  • crafted to generate leads
  • priced to suit your budget

  • 1. SEO optimized

    Before even starting, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your positioning. Then Novo enhances your SEO quality and builds a website accordingly, keeping in mind that your website needs to be functional, beautiful and easy to find.

  • 2. Tailored to your image

    The Novo art directors and graphic designers design a website that accurately reflects your online brand. We’re always up to date with the latest trends of the industry and produce intuitive and enjoyable designs.

  • 3. Responsive

    Novo’s designers and developers create websites with responsive design layouts. In a world where mobile access to the internet is growing exponentially, smart websites that are able to adjust is a must for any corporate communication process.

  • 4. Crafted to generate leads

    We at Novo know that having a website is not enough. The message you send needs to be organized and optimized in order to convert your visitors into customers. Novo will make sure that your site helps you generate leads.

  • 5. Priced to suit your budget

    Our plans are affordable, even while they are beautiful, functional, response and fully loaded with all the necessary details to reflect your online brand. Novo has a team of marketing experts who will advise you on the best price and quality for creating your custom site.

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