Montreal digital
performance agency
Based in Montreal, Novo marketing performance agency is specialized in a wide range of services oriented towards the marketing performance of its clients.

The digital performance of your business is at the center of our concerns, because we know that in a world increasingly digital, it is the most favourable way of increasing your sales.
The packages offered to increase the marketing performance include:

  • website design based on the newest trends, on positioning on the market, on user experience and on SEO blog
  • content production to support SEO around your online presence, as well as to bring useful and meaningful information to your customers and users
  • online community management to support your social media presence and maximize your visibility where your customers and leads are external
  • communication management exclusively oriented towards a strategy of loyalty for your customers

Your organization’s marketing performance is central to our efforts, as we know that, in a world increasingly digital, it is the shortest and most effective way towards increasing your sales revenues.

With a proved expertise in designing and optimizing websites, Novo brings your organization’s strong and true picture to the online world in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate way, also optimized for the search engines.

The content of your website is produced following a comprehensive analysis that identifies key words and expressions that best suit your organization’s activities, products and services, by maximizing the value of your online image, the conversion and, furthermore, your sales revenues. In other words, your online marketing performance.

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Your organization’s social media presence is essential in the digital age and, generally, it displays the most transparent image of your marketing performance.
A consistent image across all social media platforms to reach your customer base, adjusting the linguistic registry to accommodate both the specifics of your business area and those required by the online conversation are sine qua non ingredients for the marketing performance.

Montreal Performance Marketing Agency

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