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Case-studies – Perspectives carrières

Case-studies - Perspectives carrières

The objective of the advertiser:

Perspective Carrière is defined as a “career coach” and targets the Laval-based job seekers. It is not a conventional employment agency, but rather offering support and guidance to job seekers.

The objective of the project was to promote the support programs of career orientation and job-seeking strategies for the job-seekers in the Laval region.

Solution / campaign:

A microsite was created in order to keep the focus on the programs to promote, to disseminate the information on those programs and to invite the visitors to sign up for the information sessions supporting the job search activities and the career management.

Adjusting the targeting process was supported by a Google AdWords campaign, ran between January and October 2015.


In addition to the established sources of Perspective Carrière, the Google AdWords campaign allowed an increase of 72 new requests of information on the support programs for job seekers.

As avoiding website visits from people strictly seeking jobs was a prerequisite, a great deal of work had to be done around the keywords list. This helped increase the click rate form 0.40% to more than 1%.

Following the Google AdWords KPIs analysis, we noted that higher career and job-seeking related searches are generated in the early part of the year.

Case-studies – Robotel (SmartClass+)

Case-studies - Robotel (SmartClass+)

The objective of the advertiser:

SmartClass+ from Robotel is a language teaching management software and supporting hardware. The unique selling point of the product is its cross-device compatibility. The teaching staff may produce courses, exercises and exams on any computer, tablet or smartphone devices. The product targets an international market with little competition. The decision-making process required to convert a lead into a client is long and difficult, as it implies an important investment for a school, a college, a university or a large enterprise providing training to its employees.

As part of our mandate, Robot’s objective was to test a landing page for its SmartClass products (in four languages) to draw conclusions required in decision-making process for the corporate website featuring three products.

Solution / campaign:

In addition to the landing page optimized for SmartClass, a global Google AdWords campaign was set up and ran for three months.

The new campaigns were set up based on the previous campaign statistics provided by the client, as well as on the professional translations (for the German and Spanish versions).


The conversion statistics gathered by the info request form showed strong numbers and an average conversion rate of 2.28%. However, it’s the number of qualified leads that improved significantly.

In August 2014, all the Robotel website sources generated 22 leads.

One year later, in August 2015, the Novo-ran landing page and campaign generated 52 leads (23 from the corporate website and 32 from the Google AdWords campaign redirect to the new SmartClass landing page).