Novo is always looking for dynamic professionals who are ready to be part of our creative projects. In exchange, Novo provides a friendly work environment and competitive advantages.


  • Web Strategist

    You spend your weekend dreaming about the key performance indicators of the projects that you manage? Novo offers you a large format printer, so you can actually fit all your numbers on the same page!

  • Project Manager

    You’ll have three cell phones and enjoy using them all at the same time just to ensure the deadlines and the quality of the projects are met. Novo offers you a fourth one that is high­tech and trendy!

  • Community Manager

    You like spending most of your time on various social media platforms, follow trends and hashtags, interact with the followers and manage all types of campaigns? Thumbs up, we want to meet with you!

  • SEO­-SEM Specialist

    If you enjoy having a beer, red or white wine, or scotch in a bar, restaurant, pub, Irish pub, tavern, or club, we would like to have a drink with you to celebrate our success together!

  • UX Designer

    You know that there are actually two sides of you, a designer who’s dedicated to implement ergonomy at all levels and a judge who keeps criticizing everything you do. Then have them both reconciled at Novo!

  • Sales Representative

    Having a business card bearing our name means that half of the success is already achieved. If it happens you have the other half, we have a large pack of business cards waiting for you!

  • Programmer/developer

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