Brand management
in Montreal
The brand is the sum of all the values that an organization is built on. Its importance is therefore essential for the organization’s success.

A well-established Montreal marketing agency, NOVO offers a wide range of services designed to enhance the brand and translate it into a strong, solid and memorable image of your brand.
Our services include:

  • market research, needs assessment, positioning and all required study to ensure a consistent and comprehensive strategy before even launching a brand
  • production of a brand able to meet the two essential needs: accurately reflect your values and speak directly to a targeted audience
  • brand management at all levels, starting from building it from scratch to sustaining its image and implementing a crisis and reputation management strategy

Once born, your brand will follow its own life and, without an appropriate process, the control of its development and social and public perception will no longer entirely belong to you.

Your brand’s interaction with existing brands and the way it is seen by other are key factors in keeping your brand healthy.

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Specializing in brand management and brand personality, NOVO offers efficient concepts that will guarantee success, whether it is about a product identity of the one of an organization. Strategically combine approaches surrounding the brand image is a process we do following three essential steps:

  • the core, built around the core values
  • the articulations, build around the contiguous values and
  • the periphery, following the circumstantial values of the brand

Branding agency in Montreal

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